Educate. Motivate. Innovate. Inspire.

I connect and work with Leaders who manage high performing teams and believe in growth by investing in their teams through education, motivation, and innovation while feeling inspired to perform at high levels of engagement. Leaders and teams that feel motivated, inspired, and innovative result in a culture that cares for its people and leads to increased employee engagement, retention rates, productivity, profits, client satisfaction, and a competitive advantage.

I work with Leaders to educate them on the Six Principals to Engaged Leadership where they will understand the keys, steps, and strategies for effective collaboration, innovation, and strategic planning. Leaders will understand the behaviors to connect with their teams to build relationships, develop people, and create action plans that result in a feeling of motivation and inspiration.

Leadership Development

  • Make engagement part of the corporate strategy
  • Create a culture where people can tap into their greatest potential and use it for innovation, productivity, profitability, and a competitive advantage
  • Provide education and support for your Leaders
  • Create expectations for Leaders that include the attitudes and behaviors that lead to employees that feel motivated, inspired, and feel highly engaged
  • Ensure Leaders and employees are connecting that lead to growth development, appreciation, trust, and respect

Leadership Behaviors

  • Trust - everyone can say what is important to move forward without feeling there will be consequences
  • Respect - showing others you value what they have to say and treating them as equal
  • Inspiring - to help people connect with what they are passionate about
  • Listening - hearing what is being said along with the underlying tones of the true meaning
  • Connection - sharing what you believe and genuinely caring to learn about others hopes, fears, and dreams
  • Supportive - helping others achieve their work, pursue their career ambitions, and develop personally and professionally
  • Visionary - setting the tone for moving forward with a strategy, goals, objectives, and action plans
  • Positivity - having an attitude that encourages and sees the positive side in all events - how can we learn and move forward?
  • Transparent - sharing current events and information inside and outside of the team, helping teams connect the dots how things relate, and being open to share your opinions
  • Appreciation - show you care by rewarding desired results and celebrating when reaching small and big goals