Promote a Collective Learning Environment

I connect and facilitate a mastermind forum with Leaders across an organization(s) to leverage the experience and expertise of the group to promote a collective learning environment. I educate them on my Six Principals to Engaged Leadership program where they will understand the keys, steps, and strategies for effective collaboration, innovation, and strategic planning. Leaders will understand the behaviors to connect with their teams to build relationships, develop people, and create action plans that result in a feeling of motivation and inspiration.

Leaders often times feel they have to go it alone in their own organization, department, or team. They feel uncomfortable being transparent and open with their peers. These Leaders have a desire to expand and grow and want to understand the challenges below. This mastermind provides a risk free forum to present your situation, get feedback from others, and have a strategy to successfully move forward.

Leadership Mastermind

  • How to navigate politics
  • How to work effectively with HR
  • How can I show emotions and passion
  • How can I get my employees more engaged and motivated
  • How can I delegate and empower others so I can have more time
  • How to work effectively with a client, employee or peer that is combative

Benefits Expected

  • Increased confidence
  • Peace of mind
  • Strategies to implement for a successful outcome
  • Risk free forum to share and learn
  • Connection and network opportunity