The Lead Your Life program is a unique system that will provide a way for you to be the leader in your life. You will experience a transformation in how you view your purpose and significance in life. Ultimately, we all want to do, achieve, and be our very best in everything we do (family, work, business, health, finances).

SIGN UP DEADLINE: Monday, May 18 th

COST: $375 (if you are unable to make this investment and would like to enroll, please email or call me. I will be happy to arrange an alternative option). Please see below for purchase details.

If you take the action outlined in this program and dig deep, I promise you this is going to be life changing!

Imagine Taking Action

  • Imagine what it would feel like to be a confident and inspiring leader in your life!
  • How awesome would it be to have a vision for your future and actually see it come true?
  • What would life be like if you truly loved and lived with passion in what you do in your career?
  • What steps are you ready to take to get clarity and resolution on that aching feeling (heart’s calling) that keeps you up at night?
  • Imagine showing up with confidence to meetings, client presentations, and everyday situations!
  • How freeing would it be knowing how to overcome every barrier and fear that has prevented you from achieving and pursuing your heart’s desires?
  • What value would you put on having the tools and wisdom to tap into your strengths and talents?

Let’s Connect

Being a leader is not a reserved role for the boss at work.

We all are leaders! A leader is someone that knows what they want and takes the steps to inspire themselves and others to be successful.

I’m leading this program to support you in being the leader in your life so you can experience life more fully.

I’ve always been goal focused from the time I was in the Navy earning money to put myself through college, starting my own technology consulting business, and becoming a senior leader in the corporate world. After earning well over a six figure salary, I experienced a feeling of “Is this all there is”, and “There’s got to be more to life”. I know what it’s like to be successful and still feel empty, not fulfilled, or not living with passion.

Today, I live with passion! My purpose is to connect with you, to bring enthusiasm to each moment, and to inspire you to always enjoy life and go for what you love and want. Let me inspire you to unlock the potential you have, to break through the fear, and to truly follow the calling in your life!

Life is extraordinary and I want you to enjoy it to the fullest!

Ready to Lead?

Quick Facts

The program will be covered in 8 weeks in an accelerated manner (normally takes 16 weeks)

  1. Eight 60-minute calls from May 19th through July 7th
  2. Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. CST
  3. All calls will be recorded and available for download
  4. Online access to all of the material and audio files so you can access at your convenience
  5. Every participant will receive:
    • Energy Leadership Index (ELI) self-assessment ($100 value when purchased separately)
    • 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching session to cover the ELI results ($250 value)

Enrollment price is $375 (if you prefer the material in hard copy, this can be purchased at an additional cost of $190). If you are unable to make this investment and would like to enroll, please email or call me. I will be happy to arrange an alternative option.

Program Outline

Lead Your Life – is a step-by-step program that will empower you to learn more and tap into the potential with who you are, what you want, and overcoming the barriers to success.

Part One: The Law of Being

  • Who Are you Being, Now?
  • What Made You Who You Are?
  • Who Influenced You The Most?
  • What is Your Mission?
  • How Well Do You Lead?
  • How Open Are You To New Possibilities?
  • Creating Miracles
  • What Do You Want?
  • What Are Your Dreams?
  • What Are Your Goals?
  • How Do You Feel About Change?
  • Why Do You Want To Change?
  • What Is Your Intention?
  • What Are Your Default Tendencies?
  • Are You At The Cause Or The Effect Of Your Life?
  • What Are Your Habits And Patterns For Life?
  • What Are Your Worries?
  • What Is Your Automatic Abundance Attractor Doing?
  • Are You Attracting What You Want?
  • We Are Human Beings, Not Human Doings

Part Two: Being On The Journey

  • How Happy And Fulfilled Are You?
  • How Would You Like To Be Remembered?
  • The Roller Coaster Of Life
  • Looking For Gold
  • Your Mini Life Review
  • The Emotional Hold Of The Past
  • You Create Your Own Reality
  • You Are Already Perfect
  • Life Is A Puzzle
  • Your Life Puzzle
  • We Are Greater Than Who We Appear To Be
  • Be The Change
  • Life Is A Game
  • What Is Your Vision?

Part Three: Who Are You Being

  • How People Would Describe You?
  • Catabolic And Anabolic Energy
  • The Energetic Self-Perception Chart
  • Level 1 – The Victim
  • Level 2 – The Fighter
  • Level 3 – The Rationalizer
  • Level 4 – The Caregiver
  • Level 5 – The Opportunist
  • Level 6 – The Visionary
  • Level 7 – The Creator
  • Advantages And Potential Disadvantages Of Your Energy Level
  • Seven Ways To View A Situation
  • Reacting Vs. Responding
  • Like Energy Attracts Like Energy – What Are You Attracting?

Part Four: Being At Choice

  • Self-Fate
  • Going Back In Time
  • What Are Your Values?
  • The Big 4 Energy Blocks
  • Strategies To Overcome Blocks and Fears
  • Catabolic and Anabolic Choosing
  • Three Strategies To Choose From For Making Smart Decisions

Part Five: Being Conscious

  • Thermostats, Thermometers, and Sleepers
  • What is Consciousness?
  • Energy And Potential
  • Benefits Of Higher Consciousness
  • Breaking Through Illusions
  • The 5-Step Process For Success
  • Paradigm & Possibilities: Time
  • Paradigm & Possibilities: Pain
  • There Is No Good Or Bad
  • You Can Never Lose What’s Real
  • Causality
  • Let Go Of Judging

Part Six: Being Abundance

  • The Automatic Abundance Attractor – At Work For You
  • The Who I Am Exercise
  • Using Your “I Am” Statement – Prioritizing
  • Using Your “I Am” Statement – Tuning Your Personal Radio
  • Intention & Action
  • The S.M.A.R.T. Goal Process
  • Action Plan Worksheet
  • The Power Of Language
  • Communicating To The Universe
  • Communicating To Your Body
  • Emotional Guidance: Listening To Your F.L.A.G.S. (Fear, Love, Anger, Guilt, Sadness)
  • The DBA (Desire, Belief, Accept) Process For Manifestation
  • Deep Centering
  • The Theatre Technique
  • Raising Your Consciousness
  • Duality

Part Seven: Being Happiness

  • What Will Make You Happy?
  • All You Need Is Love…
  • What Is Your Relationship With Happiness?
  • Top 3 Things That Happened Today
  • Ten Keys To Happiness
  • Key #1: Know You Can Weather Your Moods
  • Key #2: Choose Balance Without Judgment
  • Key #3: Practice The Discipline Of Denial
  • Key #4: Appreciate Variety And Anticipation
  • Key #5: Challenge The Status Quo
  • Changing The Past
  • Key #6: Create Each Moment As New
  • Key #7: Develop Support Systems
  • Key #8: Challenge Yourself To Grow
  • Key #9: Consciously Choose To Resolve Conflict
  • Five Methods Of Dealing With Conflict
  • Dealing With Your Conflicts
  • Key #10: Define Yourself, And Express Your Gift
  • Tuning Your Personal Radio To Happiness
  • Using the DBA Process For Happiness
  • Your Ideal “I Am Happiness” Week

Part Eight: Being Health

  • Cause And Effect
  • The Purpose In Illness
  • New Age Guilt
  • An Energetic Perspective Of Illness
  • What Is Your Relationship With Health?
  • How Old Are You?
  • Stress & Coping With Stress
  • Exercising Choice
  • Creating A More Active Lifestyle
  • Food Is Fuel
  • Tips For Conscious Eating
  • Supporting Your Health
  • Tuning Your Personal Radio To Health
  • Using The DBA Process For Health
  • Your Ideal “I Am Health” Week

Part Nine: Being Wisdom

  • What Is Your Relationship With Wisdom?
  • The Acronym Game
  • The Database Of Consciousness
  • Messages From The D.O.C. (Database of Consciousness)
  • When You Don’t Get What You Think You Want
  • What Is Wisdom?
  • What Is A Master?
  • Self-Mastery
  • Wisdom Tip 1: Make Your Calling
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Wisdom Tip 2: Develop Your Intuition
  • The Success Log Technique
  • Wisdom Tip 3: Listen To Your Emotions
  • Wisdom Tip 4: Think Holographically
  • Tuning Your Personal Radio To Wisdom
  • Using The DBA Process For Wisdom
  • Your Ideal “I Am Wisdom” Week

Part Ten: Being Wealth

  • What Is Your Relationship With Wealth?
  • Your Wealth Mindset
  • Abundance Secret 1: Complete What You Begin
  • Abundance Secret 2: Deal With The Big 4 Energy Blocks
  • Abundance Secret 3: Create Opportunity Everywhere
  • Abundance Secret 4: Tap Into Your Business Guru
  • Abundance Secret 5: Develop A Powerful Abundance Team
  • Who’s On Your Team
  • Abundance Secret 6: Take The Lead
  • Catabolic And Anabolic Leaders
  • Abundance Secret 7: Do What You Do With Passion, And Embrace Your Work
  • Tuning Your Personal Radio To Wealth
  • Using The DBA Process For Wealth
  • Your Ideal “I Am Wealth” Week

Part Eleven: Being The Change

  • Practice Detached Involvement
  • Live In The Moment
  • Are You Living In The Moment?
  • Play The Level Game
  • Be You
  • Be The Difference
  • Make A Difference Today
  • Want Success?
  • Create Your World As You Choose It
  • Remember This

Online audio CD

  • Welcome to Lead Your Life
  • Being on the Journey
  • Who Are You Being
  • Being at Choice
  • Being Conscious
  • Being Abundance
  • Being Happiness
  • Being Health
  • Being Wisdom
  • Being Wealth
  • Being the Change
  • The Theater Technique

How Does The Program Work?

  • We meet once a week via teleconference for 60 minutes on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. CST for 8 weeks
  • Opening day is Tuesday, May 19th starting at 7 p.m. CST
  • Last day is Tuesday, July 7th at 7 p.m. CST
  • Meetings will last 60 minutes
  • Tim will assign you modules each week, which you access via a web portal
  • Participants are responsible to complete the exercises in the modules on your own during the week
  • The meetings will be conducted via phone conference and recorded
  • Recordings will be available to download or listen to
  • The sessions will be structured to cover learning about the week’s topic and group discussion
  • Each team member will be given a link to take the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment
  • Tim will call you to schedule your ELI results and provide you with 60 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching

Lead Your Life – Start Today

SIGN UP DEADLINE: Monday, May 18th

COST: $375 (if you are unable to make this investment and would like to enroll, please email or call me. I will be happy to arrange an alternative option)

QUESTIONS: Email Tim at or call at (219) 902-3213