30 Years of Leadership Experience


I am currently leading a leadership coaching business to collaborate with small business owners and sales executives to accelerate growth and achieve results.

We do this by focusing on the attitudes, behaviors, and thinking that lead to results for themselves and their teams. Clients have commented the core benefit besides accelerated growth, is focus, clarity, confidence, and encouragement.

I have 30 years leading teams starting when I was in the U.S. Navy and in corporate positions within Technology, Consulting, and Operational areas.  I’ve served in lead roles as a Project and Program Manager, Application Development Manager, and Division Manager.

I believe leaders want themselves and their team to be productive, engaging, and take initiative, so it leads to results and growth. It’s the role of the leader to be consciously aware of their own talents, strengths, attitudes, behavior, and thinking. This results in them leveraging their strengths while also engaging in a positive way that leads to results. Then, leaders can connect with their teams in a positive manner that will inspire them to reach their full potential along with growth for the business.

I’ve been married over 20 years and have 4 children. We live in Northwest Indiana. I’m a fierce competitor when playing golf, billiards, and basketball. I am passionate about following my heart and achieving big goals.