Tim's 5-step Process to Increase Employee Engagement

One of the biggest opportunities that exist in companies today is they want increased employee engagement and they don’t have a process for taking the action to recognize the factors, doing something about it, or measuring the level of engagement.

I work with Leaders to implement my 5-step process to get crystal clear how their leadership style is the #1 influencer on employee engagement and performance outcomes. We understand the current factors (team dynamics, skills, culture, resources, and processes) that impact team and organizational performance. Together, we will get laser focused to bridge the gaps on transforming and enhancing your leadership style, create a road map, and take action with accountability.

The results of this process is a leader that motivates, innovates, and inspires their organization to being highly engaged. Why is this important? Because research has revealed that employees that are highly engaged increases retention of your best people, leads to higher productivity, increased sales and profits, improved client satisfaction, and an overall competitive advantage.

Understand Current Results

  • Review current performance
  • Identify strengths
  • Review challenges
  • Discover current actions

Identify Desired Results

  • Define goals
  • Identify success factors
  • Discover opportunities
  • Align values with goals

Bridge the Gaps

  • Understand factors leading to current results
  • Identify attitude, behavior, and changes required
  • Leverage core strengths
  • Prepare for transformational change

Create Road Map

  • Define big stretch goals
  • Decide where to play and not play
  • Define milestones
  • Create an action plan
  • Define expectations & measurement criteria

Implement & Monitor

  • Educate on foundational leadership principles
  • Transform leadership style
  • Encourage accountability
  • Monitor & track progress