What I Believe About Leadership

Business teamIt’s important to understand why we are in business and do the work we do because when it comes from a passionate belief at our core, it fuels our energy, gives us purpose, and connects us with those we eagerly want to serve.

People will take action when you connect with them at their core belief. I’ve asked myself these questions: Why did I start a business to work with leaders? Why is this important to me?

Ask yourself, why am I in a leadership position? How can I serve those I lead?

Work can be enjoyable and fun while we work hard and are determined to succeed. It can be achieved with enthusiasm, respect, and trust. We work through issues by understanding one another. We are in service to each other. We say what needs to be said and work toward an honest resolution so we can move on.

I believe we have a God given purpose. We have talent that is unique and when realized, when strengthened, when leveraged – we live with passion!

People want to use their talents, work with others, and know they are valued. They want to be appreciated and know the work they do means something. They want a career they can see a future and ultimately express their full potential. They want to feel secure they have a job, career, and something to look forward to.

Most Leaders would say their primary goal is to get the work done. I believe it’s to support and enable employees to do their very best. Leaders get this right, the work will get done and more. However, what happens when the Leader doesn’t connect, develop them, and show appreciation? People get disengaged and the work eventually suffers or only the minimum gets done.  I have seen too many great hard working talented people lose hope and inspiration (including myself at times) because they were not given opportunity to develop, appreciated, not respected, not rewarded for taking risks,  and just not rewarded for doing a great job. The result, they became demoralized, unmotivated, and disengaged (“checked out”, “why bother”). They end up collecting a pay check and doing the minimum to get by.

Leaders have a vital role to play regarding employee engagement. A Leader that puts people first will reap the benefits in productivity, increased retention, and innovative solutions.

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